This ain’t no band aid, this is the real deal.” -Melani Tanks

When it comes to Fear, what is the definition of insanity?

Why: trying the same thing over and over and expecting different results, of course.

Stop the insanity. Try something completely new.

Kristen is forging a fresh, revolutionary approach to Fear and Anxiety, teaching the exact opposite what you’ve ever heard of or learned about Fear, with fantastic results. Turns out Fear is never the problem, it’s your resistance to Fear that causes problems. Make friends with Fear, and watch how quickly problems associated with Fear dissolve with little effort.

“There is in nothing in my history to prepare me for the experiences I have with this work. I think this defies metrics. Everything in my long ago education says it should not work but it damn well does work. Beautifully.” -Jacquetta Wier

At this time she’s offering private sessions in person or over the phone, or Ski to Live skiing camps winter of 2017, all addressing your desire to get unstuck and forge a healthier relationship with Fear. Summer camps however, are currently on hold while she finishes her book for Harper Collins -called My Love Affair With Fear- to be released in 2017.


Camps or sessions with Kristen are not some ‘feel good for the weekend then you’re right back in your old patterns come Monday’ experience.

Expect REAL answers of where your problem may lie (it’s not the great mystery you thought!), REAL solutions, and LASTING results. Fear will even transform into one of your greatest assets and allies, and one of the most amazing experience you have in your life.

My guess is you’ve tried many approaches to dealing with Fear and / or Anxiety before, perhaps even with decent results, but Fear and / or Anxiety still plague your life. Go sane and try something new this year, give Kristen but 4 hours, and your life will change forever.

“I felt like this formerly insurmountable weight had been lifted off of my chest. I’ve never felt more at peace.” -Kate M.

“This camp was a pivotal moment in my life” Karl B.

“Fascinating, intense and really fun.” -Lisa R.

“I’m no longer feeling stress or anxiety around decisions” Kyle B

“It was just absolutely amazing. It’s not only a once in a lifetime experience but just from a teaching perspective some of the things you did were just really astonishing.” -George H.

Here’s what others had to annonymously say about this work:
“an invaluable resource”
“eye opening”
“fabulous, very helpful, I’ve never thought about fear in such an intimate and productive way”
“great techniques, humor, camaraderie, stories. Loved it”
“it was excellent, thought provoking, eye opening, inspiring”
“it gave me an enormous ability to continue my growth process and accept the fact that it is just another emotion thats there for a reason and it’s got a job to do.”
“What I learned has already been so helpful. Last night, I awoke in my nightly panic attack and just watched it. And it went away.”